School of Architecture

First year Bachelor of Architectural Design student Zoe Kudeborg

The University of Queensland's School of Architecture is a national leader in architectural education and research.

UQ Architecture seeks to be the locus of architectural research, learning, debate and speculation in its academic and professional communities. The University of Queensland is a research-intensive University and we aspire to share our expertise and design intelligence with colleagues in other disciplines, strongly contributing to UQ’s international profile and research standing. We work to enrich the local profession and advance the discipline of architecture internationally.

Our eminent research centres, Architecture Theory Criticism and History (ATCH) and the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre (AERC), exemplify the quality of research for which we are renowned. Most significantly, our research fuels our teaching. The School is highly reputed for its progressive and studio-centred pedagogy and its historical and ongoing engagement with the climatic, geographic and social conditions that bear upon our location. We aim to prepare graduates for a dynamic professional environment in which continual learning and innovative practice is essential, so they have the skills to confront the most urgent intellectual and practical questions facing the design of our cities and environments.

In all our activities we are committed to the improvement of the built environment for the broadest spectrum of society and for future generations. Our geographical location affords us critical distance, yet our outlook is international. Experience and partnerships for staff and students abroad are encouraged and supported through a range of programs. The School actively engages with a crosssection of industry partners, diverse communities and a range of professions in its research and learning so that its activities can have meaning impact beyond the University and be enriched by the issues and debates confronting societies globally.

Professor Sandra Kaji-O'Grady
Dean of Architecture and Head of School