School of Architecture

Student General Induction

In order to meet our obligations under workplace health and safety legislation, as well as providing important and useful information regarding the use of School of Architecture facilities, we have provided a series of videos that help explain the code of conduct, policies and access to resources. Every student entering the Bachelor of Architectural Design and Masters of Architecture programs are required to view the videos and complete a short online declaration.

The general induction videos are hosted on the School of Architecture OHS Blackboard Community Site. 

Staff Inductions

All School of Architecture staff are required to complete a set of inductions as part of their UQ appointment process. The UQ general workplace health and safety inductions are hosted on the UQ OHS training portal.


  • Fire Safety (annually)
  • Code of Conduct Training (every 2 years)
  • General Workplace Safety Induction (on appointment and every 5 years)
  • Privacy Training (every 5 years)

If applicable to the course requirements

  • Computer Workstations – Design and Adjustment (on appointment and every 5 years) 
  • Field Safety (on appointment and every 5 years)

Faculty Workshop Group and School of Architecture Fabrication Workshop

All staff and students are required to complete general inductions to the workshop as well as completing machine specific inductions and competency assessments. Completion of workshop competency assessments is a once off occurrence for the duration of your enrolment and or employment in both Architecture programs. Steel-capped safety shoes will be required for most inductions and these will need to be purchased by the student or staff member. Other personal protection equipment will be provided by the Faculty Workshop Group and School of Architecture. Information regarding inductions and general workshop procedures can be found via the School of Architecture Workshop Community Site via Blackboard.