School of Architecture

A portfolio submission is required for International students and those who have not completed the Bachelors degree at The University of Queensland. 

Design portfolios should comprise three projects (no more or less) undertaken for assessment in design courses as part of your Bachelors degree. The portfolio should be maximum 15 pages in length, horizontal landscape format, A3 page size pdf file, and optimized for on-screen viewing. When submitting a portfolio, applicants need to observe the following requirements:

  1. Portfolios should include one cover page that summarises your core skills and experiences, and lists your portfolio projects in order (latest project first).
  2. Drawings or photographs of models for three design projects, including plans, sections, details and rendered views.
  3. The three projects should demonstrate your capabilities across a range of project types and scales.
  4. Each project should lead with a short 1-page synopsis that includes:
  • a short description of the project brief, site and aims, 
  • your explanation of the ideas in your project,
  • the name of the course or subject the project was developed in, the year level and the credit point or unit value,
  • the grade the project received,
  • whether the project was a group or individual project; if a group project then your role should be clearly defined. No more than one group project should be included in the portfolio, 
  • the name of the studio or project leader and their contact details.

  5. Portfolios should be laid out in a professional and aesthetically considered manner as we will be looking at how well you can communicate your ideas and finished designs.

  6. Projects that you have worked on while an intern or employee of an architectural practice should not be included in the portfolio.