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Reporting and recording accidents and injuries is recognised as an important component in hazard controls and accident prevention.  As an employer, The University of Queensland has a legal obligation under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld) to keep a record of all work-related injuries, illnesses and dangerous events.

OHS Incident or Hazard Reporting is required for a range of activities related to teaching and research as well as work off campus that is not in the low risk category: for example, a field trip with an overnight stay. Construction activities off campus will generally require a risk assessment.

OHS Incident or Hazard Reporting is located on the UQSafe Incident. UQSafe – Incident, provides staff, students, contractors and visitors with a user-friendly way to report occupational health and safety (OHS) related hazards and incidents. In some cases, existing OHS Incident or Hazard Reports can be referenced or modified to suit the activity: for example, a fieldtrip with a student group to capital city will have a pre-existing Assessment authored by the Architecture User Group.

If you require assistance with establishing a new OHS Incident or Hazard Report, updating an existing one, be added to the Architecture user group, or advice regarding reports in general, you can contact the School's OHS Committee Secretary Jourlie Campbell

What should be reported?

Hazards that could pose a risk to:

  • A person's health or safety,
  • The environment (e.g. air, water, land),
  • Incidents such as University-related injuries, illnesses and near misses to staff, students, contractors and visitor.

This reporting tool helps to ensure that all hazards, incidents and near misses are reported, investigated and recorded in accordance with legal requirements and provide information which is used in future hazard control and accident prevention programs.

Under Work Health Safety legislation, some events must be reported immediately to the Director Occupational Health and Safety (telephone 3365 2365):

  • Fatalities,
  • Serious bodily injury,
  • Work-caused illness, or
  • A dangerous event.

For Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and Managers at The University of Queensland have additional responsibility with respect to investigating and actioning hazards and incidents reported by staff under their direction. 

Reporting workflow is:

Database workflow

Further information regarding workplace injury, illness and incident reporting can be found via