School of Architecture

Equipment for first years

UQ Architecture suggests the following items to begin your studies: 

  • Adjustable set square
  • Scale ruler
  • A3 tracing pad
  • A3 cartridge pad
  • A5 sketch book
  • Set of Artline black felt tips 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8
  • Mechanical pencil Hb leads & eraser.
  • Scalpel & blades with point end
  • 300mm Steel ruler
  • Set of Graphite pencils (8 minimum)
  • Set of colouring pencils (12 minimum)
  • Set of brush colouring markers (6 minimum)

    We also suggest the following suppliers:

  • NB: All equipment requirements for each course will be outlined in the first week of classes at the beginning of Semester 1.

    Personal computers

    UQ Architecture recommends a personal computer for students. When deciding the School recommends ensuring the minimum specification for the main CAD software applications that will be used in the Bachelor of Architectural Design degree as these specifications will ensure the machine can run other software (eg: Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, ArchiCad, AutoCad, Rhino, SketchUp, Grasshopper). For this reason, we suggest referring to the Autodesk's Value: Balanced price and performance specification as a benchmark.

    A 15-inch screen with an independent 2Gb graphics card is suggested. Students must also consider backup storage solutions such as an external hard drive. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the integrity of their data. Regular backups are recommended. Computer crashes are not an excuse for late submissions or extension requests.

    Computers and printers with specialised software are available for student use.

    Other items - recording and printing

    Periodically you will be required to attend field trips and site visits. The use of a phone camera, digital camera and sketchbooks will be necessary to make recordings on such occasions.

    During the semester you will be asked to submit presentations of your work. There will be production costs associated with this which may include large format colour printing. You will be advised of the submission requirements in the relevant Course Profile.