School of Architecture

First Year Resources

UQ Architecture suggests the following list of items to begin your studies: 

Small t-square 
Adjustable set square
Scale ruler 
A3 tracing pad 
A3 cartridge pad
A5 sketch book
Set of artline black felt tips 0.2, 0.4 & 0.6
Mechanical pencil HB and 2B leads & eraser
Packet of wooden skewers, loctite glue, pva glue (not superglue) or hot glue gun
Pack of blu tac
Scalpel & blades with point end
Steel rule
Set of Graphite pencils (8 minimum)
Set of colouring pencils (12 minimum)
Set of brush colouring markers (6 minimum) suggested colours:  light red, light green, light blue, light yellow, light grey and dark grey

The School suggests the following suppliers:

The Art Shed - Present your student card for a 10% discount

Eckersley's - Full equipment packs are available to purchase online from the 13th of February. This is a list of everything included in the pack. If you would like to place your order before then please email: Student discounts are available on activation of a Student Discount Card.

Oxlades - Present your student card for a 10% discount

Ironlak - Present your student card for a 5% discount and join the Lak Club to receive 10% towards your future purchases

Equipment requirements for each course will be outlined in the first week of classes at the beginning of Semester 1, with thems you will have everything you need to get started. 

Personal Computer

UQ Architecture recommends a personal computer for students. When deciding the School recommends ensuring the minimum specification for the main CAD software applications that will be used in the Bachelor of Architectural Design degree as these specifications will ensure the machine can run other software (eg: Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, ArchiCad, AutoCad, Rhino, SketchUp, Grasshopper). For this reason, we suggest referring to the Autodesk's Value: Balanced price and performance specification as a benchmark.

A 15-inch screen with an independent 2Gb graphic card is suggested. Students must also consider backup storage solutions such as an external hard drive. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the integrity of their data. Regular backups are recommended. Computer crashes are not an excuse for late submissions, students should note that computer malfunction shall only be acceptable with a diagnostic report from a qualified computer technician. Students can use school computers from their backup to continue their work whilst any malfunctions are rectified.

Computers and printers with specialised pre-installation software are available for student use at the School in the computer lab.  

Periodically you will be required to attend field trips and site visits. The use of a phone camera, digital camera and sketch books will be necessary to make recordings on such occasions.

During the semester you will be asked to submit presentations of your work. There will be production costs associated with this which may include large format colour printing. You will be advised of the submission requirements.


One of these sheets is to be firmly affixed to the cover of all written and drawn assignments. In the case of portfolios, one coversheet should be taped to the outside of the folio and further coversheets attached to assessment components of the folio which are the result of group work.
Extension Request Form (Application for Extension of Assessment Due Date)

Extensions are not possible for every piece of assessment. To determine whether you are eligible to apply for an extension, refer to section 5.3 in the relevant electronic course profile.  If you are eligible for an extension, you must submit an extension request 48 hours before the assessment item's due date to the Reception Office or by email to Reception office hours are between 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday except Public Holidays or unless otherwise notified. You will find a list of some acceptable reasons outlined here - Acceptable Reasons for an Extension.

How to apply:
  1. Complete the Application for Extension of Assessment Due Date form (PDF).
  2. Save the form as: FAMILY NAME, Given Name student number COURSE CODE (e.g. JOHNSON_Rani_41234567_HIST2178). Your student number is usually 8 digits with no 's' at the front as this is your login.
  3. Attach the completed form and email to You must use your student email address.
  4. Attach your supporting evidence (i.e. scanned or photographed). Retain the original for 6 months.
  5. Write the body of the email and send.

Useful links

Access email, mySI-net, e-Learning, myCalendar, myStudy & more.  Information about UQ policies and procedures on all sorts of things such as admissions, enrolments, changing or withdrawing, examinations and assessment. It's the place to go to download most forms you will need while at UQ.
You will need to log in to mySI-net, the University of Queensland student administration and online enrolment system to enrol in your UQ courses, view course profiles and timetables, sign-on to classes, pay fees, view results, check your studies report, and apply for financial assistance.
Blackboard is an electronic learning, or eLearning website supporting courses and offering important information including course announcements and relevant materials. Students are expected to check this site daily to stay informed and receive the latest information.
Programs & Courses database
Here you can see which are the courses you have to enrol in for the Bachelor of Architectural Design or the Master of Architecture, as well as which electives are available for these two and other programs you may be interested in. You can view course profiles from here.
Student Services
Available for students who require assistance with accommodation, counselling, international student support, student equity, disability, illness and injury. Provides useful information and offers free courses about learning, time management, stress management and more.
In this interactive tutorial, you will learn about academic integrity, including why it is important to acknowledge sources, when to acknowledge your sources in your writing through referencing, the consequences of academic dishonesty and how to develop good writing habits. 
The School of Architecture is part of the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. Students may need to visit the faculty during their studies for administrative purposes.