School of Architecture

All confirmed Higher Degree by Research students are eligible to apply for School Research Grant funding from the School of Architecture. Up to $5000 is available for PhD candidates, and $3000 for MPhil candidates, via application, during a confirmed student's candidature.

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Funds are usually used to support conference travel and research fieldwork. Other expenses, such as fees for essential coursework, proofreading or editorial assistance for the final dissertation, assistance in layout or design of the final dissertation, or other directly thesis-related expenses will be considered on their own merits, up to a total not exceeding the total funding allocation per candidate.

SRG Student Application for Conference Travel, Field work and Other Expenses

Scope and Limitations of Editorial Assistance

Students applying for support for editing and proofreading of dissertations should be aware of limitations on what assistance professional editors are allowed to provide, under Graduate School guidelines. See

Graduate School Funding

Graduate School International Travel Awards (GSITA) are awarded to support overseas travel for at least one distinct study related purpose that is relevant and academically justifiable but not essential to the completion of your thesis. Acceptable travel purposes include accessing research material or facilities that are unavailable in Australia (e.g. libraries, archives, laboratories) and working in a research environment with resources not currently available to the candidate. This award does not support travel to attend overseas conferences, complete courses and visiting an advisory team.

For further information on GSITA funding, please visit the Graduate School website

Value: AUD$3000 for travel in the Pacific region (eg. Indonesia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea) and AUD$5000 for travel elsewhere in the world.


Funding Applications

Applications for School Research Grant Funding for staff and HDR Students must be completed prior to the online travel request being completed. Once you have received notification of approval of your funding request, you may then lodge your online form.

Online Requests & Bookings

Information on Travel for UQ and the link to the online form can be found on the following website

Travel Requests MUST be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to travel.

The Business Unit Number that you will need to enter when completing the form is 17800.

If you require any assistance with the online form, please do not hesitate to discuss these with the School Finance Office. After the travel booking has been approved you will need to notify us of any travel bookings that need to be made – bookings will not automatically be made from information that is included in the travel form.

Field Work Plans

If you are planning field work as part of your travel, please ensure that you discuss your plans with Martin Bull and ensure that a paper Field Work Plan is prepared – this must also be done in conjunction with the online travel form at least 2 weeks prior to travel.

Travel Diaries

The ATO requires Travel diaries to be kept if a journey (within Australia and Overseas) exceeds 5 consecutive nights and the costs of the trip are to be claimed as a work expense. The diary is evidence that the trip was genuinely for work purposes. The ATO definition of a travel diary is:

"A travel diary is a document in which you record the dates, places, times and duration of your activities and travel."


If you are claiming expenses from your travel, please ensure that you collect all original receipts and tax invoices and submit to the School Finance Office for processing. If there are receipts missing then you may need to complete a Statutory Declaration for these receipts, or risk not being reimbursed for these expenses.

If you’re interested in obtaining a pre-loaded Travelex Card for your expenses, please discuss this further with the Finance Office.