School of Architecture

All School of Architecture staff are required to complete a UQ travel form for any travel further than 200km from the St Lucia campus. Information regarding UQ travel policy, information on insurance, links to Australian travel advice and visas can be found on the Travel @ UQ

Field work will often form part of the travel approval workflow. It is wise to clarify whether a risk assessment for field work is required prior to lodging your travel form as the section covering field work will require a cross reference to a Risk Assessment Task ID number.

All fieldwork undertaken within the School of Architecture must be registered on the School of Architecture Work off Campus database School of Architecture Work off Campus database whether it is low risk or high risk requiring a risk assessment. 

The School of Architecture has a number of pre-approved templates for various travel related and fieldwork activities that can be referenced into your travel form. The current list of templates for the School of Architecture includes:

Task ID 17027    Group site visit – localised data collection

Task ID 25219    Overseas conference travel

Task ID 30570    Overseas field trip

Task ID 22229    School of Architecture semi-rural / rural field trips

Task ID 30488    Solo site visit – major city locations

The generic templates can be used or adapted as per the context of the travel and field trip. 

Travel Insurance for Students

The University has a Corporate Travel Insurance Policy, which covers currently enrolled students while they are undertaking authorised UQ travel. PhD & RhD Students/Candidates who are travelling for their own research are covered under the Student Travel Insurance policy.

Automatic Travel Insurance applies once the following pre-requisites are met:

  • You must be a currently enrolled student at the University of Queensland; AND 
  • You must be on UQ Authorised Travel

To ensure that you are on UQ Authorised Travel please discuss your travel insurance arrangements with the School’s Finance Officer, Jourlie Campbell and your supervisor/course coordinator well in advance of your travel. 

Link to Study Policy Summary