School of Architecture

UQ architecture students at Summer Exhibition, 2012

Congratulations on your offer to the Bachelor of Architectural Design program.

You have chosen a program that will enable you to make positive contributions to the shaping of our built environment and material culture.

The Bachelor of Architectural Design makes up the first part of architectural education at the University, providing the basis on which you can progress to the professional two-year Master of Architecture program.

The focus of the Bachelor of Architectural Design is the teaching of architectural design through studio-based projects, so life as an architecture student revolves around the design studio. You'll have access to the studio 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week for your scheduled learning activities as well for your self directed work. 

The design studio is an environment where you will be able to complete your work as well as discuss the tasks at hand with your peers, tutors and studio leaders. The studio is a place where formal and informal learning occurs and you are encouraged to maximise your use of the studio in order to develop the best possible learning outcomes. In addition, the design studio is a place where social interaction happens and where you'll make friends. It's fun place to work, you can personalise your space and will be central to your experience in the UQ Architecture program.

Academic Advisor

Mr Michael Dickson 

Phone: +61 7 336 53954


Orientation Information Sessions

UQ Architecture Welcome

This compulsory session for the whole School cohort will outline the year ahead. You'll meet the staff, including your design studio leaders. You'll hear about what's planned in 2017 for the School and important ways that you need to be involved.

Bachelor of Architectural Design, Information Session

Directly following the whole School Welcome, this important session for Bachelor students will provide more specific information about elective options, travel and other activities for the year including the UQ Advantage scheme, winter scholarships, exhibition, UQ ambassadors and more.

Bachelor of Architectural Design Introduction Activity 

After the Bachelor Information Session, you'll move the short distance from the Advanced Engineering Building to the CoLab lawn on the lake side of the Zelman Cowen building. There you will join your fellow students from the three-year levels of the Bachelor degree, to meet each other, get acquainted and engage in some introduction activities. 

All School BBQ

The School's staff and students will come together to welcome the School's newest student and celebrate the commencement of Semester 1, 2017. BBQ lunch, including vegetarian options and a drink will be provided. 

International Student Orientation and Welcome

Following the Faculty session the School of Architecture will hold a private welcome and tour for our International Students. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of our current students who will take you on a tour of our Architecture Facilities and answer any questions you may have about life as a student at UQ Architecture.

BNE In A Day - Welcome Tour

All students who are new to Brisbane are encouraged to register and join the tour. 


For first year Bachelor of Architectural Design students the courses you need to enroll as follows:
  • ARCH1100 Architectural Design1 #4
  • ARCH1140 Building in History & Culture #2
  • ARCH1160 Architectural Communication1 #2


UQ Architecture suggests the following list of items to begin your studies: 

  • Small t-square 
  • Adjustable set square
  • Scale ruler 
  • A3 tracing pad 
  • A3 cartridge pad
  • A5 sketch book
  • Set of artline black felt tips 0.2, 0.4 & 0.6
  • Mechanical pencil HB and 2B leads & eraser
  • Packet of wooden skewers, loctite glue, pva glue (not superglue) or hot glue gun
  • Pack of blu tac
  • Scalpel & blades with point end
  • Steel rule
  • Set of Graphite pencils (8 minimum)
  • Set of colouring pencils (12 minimum)
  • Set of brush colouring markers (6 minimum) suggested colours:  light red, light green, light blue, light yellow, light grey and dark grey

The School suggests the following suppliers:

The Art Shed - Present your student card for a 10% discount

Eckersley's - Full equipment packs are available to purchase online from the 13th of February. This is a list of everything included in the pack. If you would like to place your order before then please email: Student discounts are available on activation of a Student Discount Card.

Oxlades - Present your student card for a 10% discount

Ironlak - Present your student card for a 5% discount and join the Lak Club to receive 10% towards your future purchases

Equipment requirements for each course will be outlined in the first week of classes at the beginning of Semester 1, with thems you will have everything you need to get started. 

Personal Computer

UQ Architecture recommends a personal computer for students. When deciding the School recommends ensuring the minimum specification for the main CAD software applications that will be used in the Bachelor of Architectural Design degree as these specifications will ensure the machine can run other software (eg: Adobe Creative Suite, Revit, ArchiCad, AutoCad, Rhino, SketchUp, Grasshopper). For this reason, we suggest referring to the Autodesk's Value: Balanced price and performance specification as a benchmark.

A 15-inch screen with an independent 2Gb graphic card is suggested. Students must also consider backup storage solutions such as an external hard drive. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the integrity of their data. Regular backups are recommended. Computer crashes are not an excuse for late submissions, students should note that computer malfunction shall only be acceptable with a diagnostic report from a qualified computer technician. Students can use school computers from their backup to continue their work whilst any malfunctions are rectified.

Computers and printers with specialised pre-installation software are available for student use at the School in the computer lab.  

Periodically you will be required to attend field trips and site visits. The use of a phone camera, digital camera and sketch books will be necessary to make recordings on such occasions.

During the semester you will be asked to submit presentations of your work. There will be production costs associated with this which may include large format colour printing. You will be advised of the submission requirements.