School of Architecture

Critic examining UQ Architecture student's model

Quality Programs

The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s leading institutions for architectural education and research. Offering a professionally accredited program, architectural education at UQ consists of a two-tier program made up of a three-year undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Architectural Design) and a two-year professional entry coursework degree (Master of Architecture).The structure is aligned with international benchmarks in architectural education and incorporates the requirements for registration as an architect. The two-tier program offers students the opportunity for comprehensive study in architectural design and research.

Outstanding Facilities

One of the few universities to offer dedicated studio facilities for students, UQ’s studios are available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The creative design studios are the principal learning space for UQ Architecture students and the heart of our professional program.

The studios are available to students at every level of the program, and are used for project work, tutorials, general study and discussion. UQ’s School of Architecture also boasts a range of other facilities including a Collaborative Design Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Workshop, and the Architecture and Music Library which houses one of the most extensive collections of architectural material in Australia.

Highly Awarded Teachers

Studying architecture at UQ means that you will benefit from and contribute to a tradition of excellence, while attaining a degree from one of the leading schools in Australia. Our high-calibre staff comprise of professional architects and leading researchers. This ensures that course content forms a strong foundation on which to build your career.

Diverse Opportunities

UQ’s School of Architecture offers courses that meet the changing demands of the profession and make a positive contribution to the shaping of our built environment and culture.

Throughout your degree, you will have opportunities to get involved in hands-on community-based projects, as well as overseas study – providing you with an international architectural perspective. The unitised structure of the studio-based design courses means that you have choice and can develop areas of special interest.