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UQ Architecture is proud to annually raise awareness and funds to support people at risk of homelessness with our Winter Sleepout. Each year, UQ staff and students, along with alumni and Brisbane architects brave the winter winds and raise funds for homeless people by ‘sleeping out’ on Brisbane streets. This year our goal is to raise $25,000!

Our research has a strong focus on homelessness and as a community we can combat the fact that on any given night, one in every 200 Australians are homeless, either sleeping rough on the streets, or in homeless shelters, refuges or temporary accommodation. The school has a commitment to addressing this lack of shelter, which is a basic human right, and our Winter Sleepout is just one way that we are contributing to a more hopeful tomorrow for those without homes.




UQ Architecture has held a Winter Sleepout charity event for several years, initially at UQ’s St Lucia Campus supporting organisations that assist homeless people. Since 2014, we have supported the charity Second Chance Programme, who are dedicated to assisting women at risk of homelessness, and moved our event to West End attracting more involvement from practices. In South East Queensland there are 10 times more crisis accommodation beds for men than for women. We are working to change that. Second Chance has a long history of addressing the interlinked issues of domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issues and inter-generational poverty. We believe that every women and child has the right to a home, to dignity and to safety. 

We fund experts in their fields to support and assist women and their children onto the pathway to a home – for life. 


UQ Architecture students can get involved with the Winter Sleepout by volunteering to raise sponsorship money and sleeping out on Tuesday, 15th August 2018.


  1. 'Join the Team' by completing the online form to register as a sleeper for the UQ Architecture Team and create your profile here:
  2. Share this with your friends, family, and workmates, especially through social media. Consider asking your boss to sponsor you or match your friends’ donations.
  3. Plan your Sleepout: you’ll need a sleeping bag or bedding, warm clothes including a beanie etc.
  4. Keep an eye on your email so we can give you final details of the Sleepout as we get closer to the date.


We love to have practices involved in the Winter Sleepout. A UQ Student Ambassador can come and speak to your firm about how to get involved if this is helpful.


  1. Have a team leader create an Everyday Hero account as part of the UQ Architecture Team through this link:
  2. Share this with your workmates, friends, and family, especially through social media.
  3. Consider asking your directors to sponsor you or match your friends’ donations. Organise a work event to publicise your Sleepout team, try a morning tea or Friday afternoon drinks.
  4. Ask your work colleagues if they will support you to do a work fundraising activity that can go towards your Sleepout sponsorship. In the past people have held cricket matches, trivia nights, or simple things like a bake sale.
  5. Plan your Sleepout: you’ll need a sleeping bag or other bedding, warm clothes including a beanie etc. Keep an eye on your email so we can give you final details of the Sleepout as we get closer to the time.


We understand sleeping out is not for everyone. If you want to help, simply sponsor a sleeper through the

Everyday Hero account here:


You can join in the evening event before the Sleepout, which will include talks and socialising, then head home to your warm bed.


If you need more information on joining Winter Sleepout please email

For more information on the 2016 Winter Sleepout here