School of Architecture

Our research projects are aimed at drawing on Indigenous cultural traditions that are relevant for adaption to contemporary local and regional contexts that inform and strengthen cultural identity and provide opportunities for healing and wellbeing.

Research areas

Sample projects
  • Defining the Impact of Regionalism on Aboriginal Housing and Settlement
  • AHURI IMYRP Indigenous Multi-year Research Project - Download Report (PDF, 1.4MB)
  • Tangentyere Council - Alice Springs Town Camps
  • Home Ownership Project - Home Ownership Study in Queensland Aboriginal Communities
  • Demand responsive services and culturally sustainable enterprise in remote Aboriginal settings: A Case Study of the Myuma Group
  • Indigenous Mobility in Discrete and Rural Settlements
  • Remote Indigenous Housing Procurement and Post-Occupancy Outcomes
  • Australian Indigenous House Crowding - Download Report (PDF, 2.7MB)
  • ISSR UQ Homelessness Research Partnership Agreement with FaHCSIA
Sample projects
  • Mining and Indigenous Tourism in Northern Australia - Download Report (PDF, 2.6MB)
  • Study of Aboriginal Intertidal Rock-Wall Fish Traps
  • Isolation, Insularity and Change in Island Populations - an Interdisciplinary Study of Aboriginal Cultural Patterns in the Gulf of Carpentaria
  • Ballera to Mt Isa Gas Pipeline and Miscellaneous Transport Infrastructure Corridor Project
  • Wellesley Islands Sea Claim
  • Anthropological Report For Indjiladji Section of Gulf Communities Cable Cultural Heritage Clearance
  • Holding Title and Managing Land in Cape York
  • Towards Novel Biomimetic Building Materials: Evaluating Aboriginal and Western Scientific Knowledge of Spinifex Grasses
  • NCCARF - Aboriginal Responses to Climate Change in arid zone Australia – Regional understandings and capacity building for adaptation. - Download Report (PDF, 5.1MB)
Sample projects
  • Tennant Creek Family Violence - Download Report (PDF, 4.7MB)
  • Darwin & Palmerston Indigenous Itinerants
  • Categories of Indigenous homeless people and good practice responses to their needs
  • Violence in Indigenous Communities - Download Report (PDF, 2.5MB)
  • National Mentoring and Evaluation Scheme
  • Inner-City Sydney Aboriginal Homeless Research Project
Sample projects
  • How Meston's 'Wild Australia Show' Shaped Australian Aboriginal History
  • Greater Mt Isa Regional Research Project
  • Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody - QLD
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