School of Architecture


Wednesday 3 April 2019 11:30am to 1:00pm


Room 51-207
Zelman Cowen Building (51) 
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072


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In the School of Architecture there is a considerable number of PhD students (at least half of the whole) whose projects are directly or indirectly connected to identity. Projects are of various nature dealing with issues such as vernacular architecture and identity; architecture, politics and identity; architecture and national identity; immigrants’ construction of identity through housing; architectural education and identity; rural transformation and identity; religious architecture and identity, etc.

This seminar will provide an overview of four ongoing projects by PhD students on this topic.

Deldan Angmo - Defining Cultural Identity of Ladakh Through the Lens of Craft Tradition.
Aparna Datey - Shaping Design Learning and Academic Identity: Sessional Tutor Roles.
Rosemary Willink - The Museum of American Art as Modern Monument: The Whitney by Marcel Breuer (1966).
Zan Zafirah Zainal - Natural Heritage Management – intersection of local identity and ecological preservation.


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Bernard Llanos
+61 7 3365 3537