School of Architecture


Wednesday 28 August 2019 11:30am to 1:00pm


Room 51-207
Zelman Cowen Building (51) 
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072


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Dhaka’s slums represent a confluence of issues around poverty, urbanisation and social justice, all operating within an environment of serious climate change vulnerability. Energy provision sits at the core of each of these meta-issues. Mark’s PhD investigates causes of energy injustices in an urban poverty setting and undertakes an analysis of the effects of energy practices on residents in Dhaka’s slums. The case study settlement, Kallyanpur Pora Bostee, is an illegal squatter settlement in Dhaka. The threat of eviction, absence of land tenure, illegal electricity connections and solid fuel cooking practices all contribute to a rich setting for this study.

Presenter: Mark Jones

Mark is a mature age PhD student at the Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London. His working life prior to his research career comprised more than 30 years’ experience as an architect in Brisbane, culminating in 8 years as a Director of Architectus, one of Australia's leading architectural practices. During his professional life, he completed part-time Masters degrees in Management (University of Newcastle) and Business (University of Queensland). He left his profession in 2015 to undertake a Masters in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford, completed in 2017. Mark has a deep interest in the twin global challenges of poverty alleviation and the climate crisis.


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