School of Architecture

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UQ Architecture


Wednesday 5 June 2019 1:00pm to 2:00pm


Room 51-207
Zelman Cowen Building
Jocks Rd
Saint Lucia QLD 4067


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Visiting fellow Lydia Kallipoliti presents a short seminar - Creatures: Self-reliance, Disobedience and the Strange Premise of living machines. 

The role of building technology has been to insulate spaces from environmental flows; this method suggests a moral discipline that protects buildings against disease, transferring an ideological framework of protestant theology and ethics to the micro-realm of materials. Nevertheless, in a new reality inundated with sudden climatic changes, methane gas clouds, and oceanic islands of decomposed debris, a new role is cast to the notion of environment. Instead of being the inactive, static and historicized context of an architectural object, the environment quite literally becomes the object of design itself. For more information click here

Lydia Kallipoliti is an architect, engineer, and scholar with a PhD from Princeton University and a SMArchS from MIT. She is an Assistant Professor and the Co-Director of the Master of Science Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as the principal of ANAcycle thinktank in Brooklyn, New York. 


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