School of Architecture


Wednesday 29 April 2020 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Research Zoom Room:


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Updated 19 March 2020: The format has changed to an online webinar via the Research Zoom Room:

The field of Digital Crafting is interested in combined forms of digital and analogue processes and their role in creative design. Yet, the creative process is equally entailed in crafting the digital. This seminar presents unique methods and strategies in which digital tools are being developed and used to support creative design practices. The studies illuminate the role of analogue making in digital crafting iterative process by exposing the importance physical experience in the crafting of digital processes. Through interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary processes, material, code and machine are entangled to produce new research pathways.

Presenters: Kim BaberDr Dan LuoJoanne McCallum, and Dr Fred Teixeira


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Bernard Llanos
+61 7 3365 3537