School of Architecture


Daphne Nash specialises in interdisciplinary cross-cultural research on topics relevant to Indigenous Australians. Her research interests and publications focus on people–environment relationships, qualitative research methods, ethnobotany and cultural heritage as well as social issues, including Indigenous housing and homelessness.

Daphne holds a PhD from the Australian National University (ANU) in the field of Interdisciplinary Cross-cultural Research that explores representations of Indigenous knowledge in south-eastern Australia. She also holds an MA and a BLitt (with merit) from the ANU both of which focus on environmental knowledge of Pintupi/Luritja people in Central Australia.

As a Research Fellow at the Aboriginal Environments Research Centre, Daphne has been involved in research on social and environmental policy projects as well as graduate student supervision. Recent work has focussed on working with Aboriginal organisations in Queensland and the Northern Territory on strategies for enhancing governance and cultural competency. Currently Daphne is a co-investigator on the ARC Discovery Project Health Architecture: Understanding Indigenous experiences of architectural settings to improve Indigenous health outcomes: Does design matter?

Professional affiliations:

  • Fellow of the Australian Anthropological Society
  • Member of the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
  • Member of the Society of Ethnobiology (SoE)


  • PhD (ANU) Interdisciplinary Cross-cultural Research
  • Grad. Cert. Applied Science (UC) Cultural Heritage Management
  • MA (ANU) Human Sciences, School of Archaeology & Anthropology
  • B. Litt. (ANU) Pass with merit. Human Sciences
  • Grad. Dip. Ed. (Sydney Teachers’ College)
  • BA (ANU) Human Sciences and Philosophy

Key Publications: 

O'Rourke, Timothy and Nash, Daphne (2019) Aboriginal yards in remote Australia: adapting landscapes for indigenous housing. Landscape and Urban Planning, 182 124-132. doi:10.1016/j.landurbplan.2018.10.013 

Nash, Daphne, Memmott, Paul, Reser, Joseph and Suliman, Samid (2018) We're the same as the Inuit!: exploring Australian Aboriginal perceptions of climate change in a multidisciplinary mixed methods study. Energy Research and Social Science, 45 107-119. doi:10.1016/j.erss.2018.06.027

Nash, D. Memmott, P. and Moran, M. (2017) House rules: a study of conditionality and indigenous social housing tenancies in urban, regional and remote Australia. Indigenous Law Bulletin, 8 30: 15-19.

Memmott, P. and Nash, D. (2016)  A practical framework for strengthening culturally responsive service delivery within Piliyintinjiki Stronger Families, A report prepared for Anyininginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation, Tennant Creek.

Memmott, P. and Nash, D. (2016) Housing conditionality, Indigenous lifeworlds and policy outcomes - Mt Isa case study, AHURI Final Report (supporting report) No. - case study report, Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute Limited, Melbourne,,-indigenous-lifeworlds-and-policy-outcomes-mt-isa-case-study.

Memmott, P. and Nash, D. (2016) Indigenous homelessness in Australia: an overview, In E. Peters and J. Christenson (Ed.) Indigenous homelessness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, pp. 213-220.

Memmott, P. and Nash, D. (2016) Looking through the service lens: case studies in Indigenous homelessness in two regional Australian towns, In Peters, E. and Christenson, J. (eds) Indigenous homelessness in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, University of Manitoba Press, Winnipeg, pp. 245-269.

Memmott, P., Nash, D. and Passi, C. (2015) Cultural relativism and Indigenous family violence, In Andrew Day and Ephrem Fernandez (ed.) Preventing violence in Australia: policy, practice and solutions, Annandale, NSW Australia: Federation Press, pp.164-185.