School of Architecture

Thursday 7 December 2017

The UQ School of Architecture acknowledges academic excellence by awarding 20 prizes annually for outstanding performance across both its Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees. 

Winners will be announced at the annual prize giving ceremony to be held on the newly renovated Terraces, on Friday 8 December. 

The shortlist for awards include: 

Jane Grealy Book Prize - Connor McBeath, Daniel Foote and Hudson Smith
Head of Architecture Book Prize - Joy Lim and Simin Louei
Kay Leaf-Milham Book Prize - Buba Rukkera, Elliot Reher, Rebecca Woodward and Simin Louei 
Bligh Tanner Book Prize - Billy McQueenie, Jonathan Buttsworth, Kristian Meredith and Stephen Saines 
Conrad Gargett Architectural Design Prize - Jeffrey Zheng, Matthew Walton, Stephen Saines and Thomas Webster 
Karl & Gertrude Langer Memorial Drawing Prize - Eliza Panizza and Felix McNamara 
Karl & Gertrude Langer Memorial Design Prize - Claire Bazeley, Eliza Panizza and Hamish Lonergan 
Angus Munro Digital Architecture Prize - Kyle Chen, Paul Violett, and Yuzhan Cheng, Fatemeh Honarbakhsh, Gyu Seok Lee, Ling Li and Florian Muhr
Ceridwen Indigenous Scholarship - Aparna Gopal and Ingrid Bailey 
A E Brooks Travelling Scholarship - Aiden Morris 
Guilford Bell Scholarship - Rosemary Willink 
John Simpson Prize - Jeremy Wooldridge, John Ferguson, Kyle Chen, Louise Montgomery and Paul Violett 
Master of Architecture Thesis Prize - Caitlin Masters and Hamish Lonergan 
R. Martin Wilson Memorial Prize - Claire Bazeley, Isabella White, Kyle Chen and Sussanah Syme 
Board of Architects Prize - Caitlin Masters, Eun-Young Cho and Hamish Lonergan 
QIA Memorial Medallion - Caitlin Masters, Hamish Lonergan and Paul Violett 
The dwp Prize for Architecture - Alan Maizey, Eliza Panizza, Jade Mehonoshen and Rory Pope
Peter Hale Prize for Architecture - Christina Solomon, Eliza Panizza, Hamish Lonergan and Paul Violett 
Elenberg Fraser Rising Star Award for Architecture - Demitrya Frangos, Jay Stocker, Jade Mehonoshen and Rory Pope 
Conrad Gargett Public Architecture Prize - Callum Gordon, Christina Solomon, Hamish Lonergan and Paul Violett 

We wish all nominees the best for tomorrow night's celebrations.