School of Architecture

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Kirsti Simpson, Principal of HASSELL, has been appointed to role of Adjunct Professor.
Christina Na-Heon Cho, Director of Cox Architecture, brings a wealth of industry experience in her appointment to UQ School of Architecture.
As Principal of Conrad Gargett, David Gole's experience and expertise will benefit future students to The School of Architecture.

The University of Queensland’s School of Architecture students will continue to benefit from extensive industry experience and expertise with the appointment of three new Adjunct Professors.

Kirsti Simpson from HASSELL, David Gole from Conrad Gargett and Christina Na-Heon Cho from COX Architecture all join the school after a long period of engagement.

Adjunct Professor appointments at the University aim to connect practitioners to the university in more direct ways, giving access to expertise and connections that directly benefit students and researchers.

"Architecture is so contextually specific, maintaining, nurturing and elevating our academic lineage is critical. The speed of change around us magnifies each year and, as a profession, we must both harness the free-thinking of the younger generation and the considerable depth of knowledge held within our academic institutions, particularly UQ, if we’re to more accurately anticipate the opportunities represented by these changes," Ms Cho said. 

“Continued education is very important to me and I’m excited to be involved in new research and projects, whilst also learning from a new wave of designers and architects. I am honoured to have been invited to become an Adjunct Professor in the School of Architecture and am looking forward to working with the university as they prepare students for the future. ” Ms Simpson said. 

Kirsti, David and Christina join a long line of esteemed industry professionals who regularly contribute to the school by way of attending critiques, giving lectures and contributing to both research and key projects.

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