School of Architecture

Wednesday 28 August 2019

In this episode, UQ Architecture lecturer Frederico (Fred) Fialho (Co-Founder of F-Flat) and I unravel all the technical details in one of the hottest topics at a global scale – VR! Strap yourselves in… this one is is heavy! We were able to unpack the latest information and answer questions such as – What is VR? What is AR? What abou the VR tools involved? (The best brands, how to use it, the equipment needed) What are the applications of VR right now? In contrast, what does the future hold in VR? What is the impact of these technologies on design and education? What should students/educators and professionals do to embed these (essential) skill sets within their portfolio? Tune in for some of the best VR related stories, case studies and a thoroughly “technology made easy” conversation with one of the leading VR experts!