School of Architecture

Hosted by

Elke Couchez (UQ) and Rajesh Heynickx (KU Leuven - SRN Texts-Buildings workshop)


Wednesday 17 April 2019 1:00pm to 5:00pm


Room 49-313A

Advanced Engineering Building (49)

The University of Queensland

St Lucia QLD 4072


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OBJECTS & TECHNOLOGIES OF SCHOOLING is a travelling international workshop collaboration between the University of Queensland’s Architecture Theory Criticism and History Research Group (ATCH) and KU Leuven - SRN Texts-Buildings. In this workshop participants set out to discover the very distinct materialities and technologies of schooling as active agents in the making of architectural school.

For this workshop, we invited speakers that study graphic images, studio tools, experiments and events, lecturing devices and material infrastructures by which architect-educators and students produced and expressed ideas in 20th century educational contexts. By focusing on the visual and oral, rather than the textual means by which architectural knowledge was generated and disseminated in the past, these speakers will scrutinise the unstudied link between traditional institutional studies, intellectual or conceptual studies and material/visual culture studies. 


Workshop Highlights

  • Wireless Architecture: Robert Cumming's early radio broadcasts – with John Macarthur and Deborah van der Plaat, University of Queensland.
  • Little Living Labs. Ambitions in student design-build experiments of the 1970s with Lee Stickells, University of Sydney.
  • Wölfflin's Blasting Apparatus. Tracing the projector in architectural historiography with Rajesh Heynickx, KU Leuven. 
  • Joseph Rykwert’s Object Lesson at the Ulm School of Design with Paul James, University of Queensland.
  • A Walking Exhibit. Alfons Hoppenbrouwers's Visual Pedagogy with Elke Couchez, University of Queensland.
  • Closing remarks with Julia Gately, University of Auckland.


Please direct all enquiries about this event to:

Elke Couchez