School of Architecture


Wednesday 10 April 2019 11:30am to 1:00pm


Room 51-207
Zelman Cowen Building (51) 
The University of Queensland
St Lucia QLD 4072


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A solo authored book by a reputable academic press is the holy grail of scholarly contribution, and PhD supervisors regularly tell their students that their PhD is only the start, not the end, of their research. However, University of Chicago Press acquisitions editor William Germano suggests that a PhD and a book are different things, primarily, he argues, because people choose to read books. If ones PhD does not prepare one to write a book, and one is chained to whatever the fashionable performance metric in the university sector is at the time, how does one make this transition as a scholar?

Focussed on scholarship as a trade, more than the books content per se, UQ PhD grad and Honorary Associate Professor Julian Raxworthy will use his recent book published by The MIT Press, Overgrown: practices between landscape architecture and gardening, as a case study to reflect on the transition from PhD to book.  He will describe a process for developing an academic project across multiple years, writing book proposals and applying for funding, such as with the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, who funded his book. Building on Yin’s methodology of “theory building”, he will argue that, particularly with books, one should not be afraid of being polemical, and discuss differences in genre. Ultimately, he will suggest that as a scholar, one has to be selfish.


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