School of Architecture


Thursday 6 February 2020 9:30am to 11:00am


Hartley Teakle Building (#83)
The University of Queensland, St Lucia 


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Together with The University of Queensland, the family of James Peter Birrell (24.10.1928 - 20.09.2019) invite you to remember and celebrate Jim and his significant contribution to the University at a tree planting memorial.

Jim studied at Melbourne Technical College and the Melbourne University School of Architecture, before working briefly in Canberra and Darwin. From 1955, he established his substantial architectural career in Queensland. For the Brisbane City Council, Jim built the well-regarded Centenary Pools and the Wickham Terrace carpark giving a heroic and progressive stature to the city’s municipal works.

Jim went on to be architect to The University of Queensland where much of his best work was built including the outstanding Union College and Hartley Teakle Building.

We invite you to join us for morning tea after the tree planting ceremony.


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