School of Architecture

Friday 26 February 2016

Sulcus Loci Installation under construction at the UQ Architecture CoLab

An interactive installation bringing together technology, art, architecture and science will be exhibited at the State Library of Queensland from March as part of the inaugural Asia Pacific Architecture Forum and UQ for the World Science Festival Brisbane.

Initiated by The University of Queensland’s Art Museum as part of a broader program to engage students and academics in a creative nexus of the arts, science and environment, ‘Sulcus Loci’ brings together seven organisations across the University.

Working in partnership with Queensland Brain Institute’s (QBI) Luke Hammond, Brisbane artist Dr Svenja Kratz was commissioned by UQ’s School of Architecture to interpret QBI’s extensive collection of brain scans for the exhibition.

Using these brain scans, Dr Kratz developed a conceptual brief for students in UQ’s Master of Architecture, Master of Multimedia Design, and Master of Interaction Design programs, challenging them to collaboratively create an immersive exhibition environment.

Curator John de Manincor, from UQ’s School of Architecture said Sulcus Loci promises to provide visitors with an immersive architectural experience.

“Sulcus Loci is an interactive architectural pavilion that houses an experiential artwork developed by Kratz and UQ’s School of Music composer, Dr Eve Klein,” John said.

“Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in an experience that highlights the interconnection between neuroplasticity and the human-environment.

“Utilising the impressive image library generated by researchers at QBI’s Microscopy Unit, Sulcus Loci creatively combines art, science and the environment into one exciting showcase.”

Sulcus Loci will be open to the public at the State Library of Queensland from 1 March and run until 15 May 2016.


Visiting Times

Sulcus Loci is on display in SLQ Gallery, Level 2, State Library of Queensland from Tuesday, 1 March to 15 May 2016. The Installation is open to the public during the State Library of Queensland’s opening hours. Further information can be found here.  



Curators Dr Allison Holland - The University of Queensland Art Museum / School of Communication and Arts; Luke Hammond (Queensland Brain Institute); John de Manincor (School of Architecture). Artist Dr Svenja Krantz. Music Composer Dr Eve Klein (School of Music). Studio leaders Kim Baber (Baber Studio / School of Architecture); Dr Stephen Viller (IxD); Dr Ben Matthew (IxD). IxD Students En Bo; David Chaseling; Jacob Greenaway; Bianca Pretorius; Rachael Smith. Architecture Students Corina Costin; Charl Jesse Du Plessis; Wanni Fonseka; Jordan Hunter; Jessica Kane; Kaori Koike; Rebekah Macarthur; Bernardo Ramirez Fernandez De Lara; Oliver Shearer; Cheng Tan; Duong Thai; Daniel Thompson; Ruiyi Xu; Shuwei Zhang. Technical Advisors Sam Butler – UQ Architecture Workshop; John Stafford -  UQ Architecture Workshop. Sponsors Wesbeam and EWPAA.